Physiotherapy service

Physiotherapy service

This is achieved through treating the Symptoms, educating the patient as well as preventing further injury by exercise. Every physiotherapy treatment is based on each individual patient’s medical history, a complete injury assessment and prognosis for recovery.

Our physiotherapist has experience treating patients with a number of different musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Because each injury is uniquely different, each person’s plan of management will too be treated differently. A potential injury could include strain or sprain injuries, post-surgery treatment, tendonitis and many others. Most treatment plans will include a session with the physiotherapist, a number of stretching and strengthening exercises as well as therapeutic modalities.


Modalities generally include therapeutic ultrasound to reduce inflammation, Interferential Current or IFT to relieve pain or muscle tightness, TENS to reduce pain, Muscle stimulator to stimulating muscles in paralysis or other conditions, Short wave diathermy for deep heat, Traction, Function electrical stimulation (FES) for foot drop or facilitation, infrared therapy, Laser therapy to help promote circulation in the affected area among a number of other modalities. The stretching and strengthening exercises are given for the general area of injury to help promote muscle strength and balance while preventing future injury reoccurrences.

What to Expect?

On your first visit you will need to fill out a medical and injury history form to help the Physiotherapist decides on your specific treatment plan. You may be required to do Some stretching and or strengthening exercises, so appropriate clothing is required. The initial assessment will likely take 45mins to an hour. A series of tests will be Performed which will include inspecting the injured area, movement and physical testing. If you are suffering from a new or old injury, make Shree healthcare Physiotherapy centre your first choice. We can provide you with the appropriate physiotherapy or rehabilitation program to help you recover from your injury and prevent it from happening again. So if you have an injury please contact us today and speak with one of our physiotherapist will help you.

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the science of rehabilitation and treatment of injuries caused by sports and poor postural habits. Our physiotherapists have developed a wide expertise in assessing where the problem comes from, treating your symptoms and Most of all determine the primary bio-mechanical factors to prevent any further injuries to reoccur.